There are many things we have to tests and research to try to find the cause of an intermittent issues. We have the following form we can have customers fill out on such issues.


This gives you some ideas on what things to watch for if you are having odd car issues.


  • Please check all boxes that apply to your vehicle

My vehicles Check Engine Light:

□  Glows Steadily                     □ Glows Intermittently                  □ Never Comes On

Any Other Warning or Indicator lights coming on (ABS, SRS, TRAC, Coolant, Etc…)


When starting my vehicle it:

□Will Not Start    □Starts Normally            □Starts and Dies               □Is difficult to Start

While idling, my vehicle:

                                      □Idles Rough     □Surges (up and down)   □Idles too Low  □Idles too High                 □Idles Normally

                      While driving, my vehicle:

                                      □Hesitates          □Smokes             □Has a Fuel Smell             □Stumbles          □Sluggish

□Misfires             □Cuts out            □Stalls when slowing down or stopping          □Vibrates Excessively

Other symptoms:           

                                      Transmission Shifts:        □Too Soon          □Too Late            □Normal

Other (Please Explain): _________________________________________________________

Conditions of Occurrence:

                                      Speed:                  □Idle     □Low Speeds     □Highway Speeds            □Acceleration    □Deceleration

Distance:             □Right Away      □After 5 miles   □After 10 miles

Weather:             □Cold    □Hot      □Wet/Rain          □Snow                  □Weather not a Factor

Engine Conditions while problem is occurring:

                                      □Engine Cold     □Engine Hot       □All Temperatures          □While Shifting

□While Turning                 □While Braking                 □With A/C On