January, 2019 

Professional: #SolidService

Google Reviews: Rosemount and Woodbury

Several years ago I asked my gifted graphics/marketing provider, Erin Scott, to help me articulate the Medi-CAR mission with sign images. Erin, also a customer, has worked with me since I started Medi-CAR in 2009 and has a pretty good understanding of what we are about. That, and she is truly gifted in boiling down my long, rambling sentences into visual statements. These six signs are displayed in both the Rosemount and Woodbury stores.

Professional: #SolidService

Yes, the first time I read that I said “pound” instead of hashtag which shows I’m not part of our “hip” audience.

While it’s well and good that we say we are professional, it’s far more important to hear what our customers say about us. We have been so pleased that many customers have taken the time to give their opinion online with reviews.

We love it when our customers say they feel like family and make them feel comfortable. Feeling comfortable means we do our best to clearly communicate–verbally, in writing and by showing—our customers the condition of their vehicle. We also have the ability to test you an electronic inspection with pictures for your convenience.

We recognize we are in a service business and need to deliver a high level of service in order to earn our customers’ trust. As the reviews above say, we try to understand each customer’s individual situation and find the best solution for your budget. We provide holistic medicine for your vehicle, doing a complete “physical” at each visit to let you know the condition of your vehicle.

In 2019, we plan to play and promote our strengths—service, knowledge, expertise, honesty, excellent reputation.