About Medi-CAR

We like to make our customers feel at home and we know that auto repair is inconvenient on a good day…so we try to lessen the pain with the following patient (aka customer) services:

  • Free shuttle service within five miles (when weather permits, in Mable!)
  • Courtesy loaner vehicle*
  • Keurig Coffee Service in the lobby
  • Complimentary coffee and pastry coupons for our neighbor business, Morning Glory’s Bakery
  • We are Dog-Friendly!
    Free doggie biscuits – WOOF!
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Arcade Zone – free plays on classic games

*Loaner vehicle conditional on age requirement, insurance and driving record.

Debi McConnell, Owner

“Many customers ask me how I came to buy an auto repair shop…

While I worked with a business broker to find an existing company to buy, the possibility of an auto repair shop surfaced. This resonated deeply with me as I thought about my personal experience getting my vehicle serviced and frankly, the experience was rarely positive. Often I didn’t feel I really understood the car issue or recommended repair and felt pressured to give the approval (sometimes with threats that my car would “explode” if I didn’t do the repair).

I now saw a clear opportunity to create an auto repair business that represented much more than a profit and loss statement and didn’t treat employees as numbers. I wanted to create a business that treated customers with up most respect and provide extraordinary customer service. I wanted to create a business that lived by its motto of Auto Repair With Honesty, Integrity and Quality.

So that’s why I bought the shop and created Medi-CAR Auto Repair.”

Brandon, Service Manager

How long have you been in the auto repair industry (and doing what?)
“I started off back in 1999 as a technician.  We ended up having our service manager/advisor leave for an emergency and was gone for a couple weeks and nobody else wanted to take over the front so I stepped up and performed the job.  After doing the job for a couple weeks I realized I loved helping people and making sure they were taken care of and they were treated properly and decided after that I would continue my career in customer service versus being a mechanic.”

What is the most rewarding part about fixing or advising on customer cars?
“Being able to get to know many different people and help them make the right decision when it comes to repairing their vehicle so they can get back on the road safely.”

What one piece of advice would you offer to car owners?
“Make sure to do the scheduled maintenance the manufacture recommends.  Do not wait until it’s too late to bring you car into the shop.  If you hear a noise that doesn’t seem right or the engine does not seem to be running the way it was please bring it in right away to at least have it inspected to find out if it’s something that needs to be done right away before it becomes a bigger problem and makes things a lot worse.”

What is your secret passion other than fixing cars?
“Spending time with my wife, my 2 dogs, my 2 cats, rescuing animals when we can and going out to different places to eat and trying new food.”

Derick, Technician

How long have you been in the auto repair industry (and doing what?)
“I’ve been working on cars even in high school, taking automotive vo-tech classes. I graduated from Hibbing Community College in automotive technology. Since then I’ve worked at Jiffy Lube for five years, two independent shops for four years.”

What is the most rewarding part about fixing customer cars?
“I feel good when I get to help people.”

What one piece of advice would you offer to car owners?
“Try to stick to the manufacturer’s maintenance plan.”

What is your secret passion other than fixing cars?

“I love to ride motorcycles. I own three, a yellow Suzuki GSXR 600 CC to ride locally, a Yamaha V Star 1300 for cross country trips(furthest trip was 2800 miles), and a Suzuki Boulevard M50 for those last minute cruises there and back in a day. I enjoy sports and have been in a local basketball league since 2005. Newer passions include collecting Firearms, sportsman shooting, and building a project car on the side, a 1994 V8 Chevy Camaro Turbocharged. This past summer I did tandem sky diving for the first time and I cannot explain the adrenaline rush I received. I recommend to everyone at least doing it once in their lifetime.


Chris, Technician


How long have you been in the auto repair industry (and doing what?)

“I graduated from Century College from the automotive program. I’ve been working in the automotive industry for 12 years. I became interested in fixing cars early in my life because I liked to hang out with my dad in the garage. My dad had a special talent for fixing many mechanical things such as boats, jet skis, cars, etc. My dad worked for Fair view Hospital, first as a bio medical technician and progressed to facility director. I also inherited my mechanical aptitude from my grandfather who was a mechanical engineer.”

What is the most rewarding part about fixing or advising on customer cars?
“First, I like to think I am helping our customers drive safely, by keeping their cars in optimum condition. I also like to solve complicated car issues which is a good thing as cars have become very sophisticated!”

What one piece of advice would you offer to car owners?
“Buy a bicycle”…Ok, that may not be practical with the distances we all travel.

Keep up with recommended repairs. When you delay repairs it may make the problem worse and the repair more expensive. Plus, you never want to compromise safety. You don’t want to be driving 60 MPH and have a part fail—like your brakes or a tire…”

What is your secret passion other than fixing cars

“I like many sports. This season in my spare time I’m on the golf course. I also enjoy team sports such as soccer, hockey, kickball, softball and bowling. I also like to make creations on my new smoker: beef jerky, ribs, salmon and smoked turkey. I brought in a sample to the shop but one of my fellow techs (DERICK!!) chose not to share.”

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