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Symptoms: Belt Squealing/Chirping, Belt Broken/Cracked, Burning Smell, Burst Hose, Steam From Engine






Vehicle Belt & Hose Repair – Rosemount, MN

Belts and hoses have a relatively short life span and will eventually crack, fray, peel and leak due to constant exposure to heat, vibration, and harmful chemicals. It is important that they are replaced as advised by your vehicle’s maintenance schedule (many vehicles around 50-60,000 miles) or earlier, based on inspection results.

Belts are often referred to as “drive belts” because the engine itself is used as a power source to drive some of your vehicle’s accessories including:

  • Power steering pump
  • Alternator /generator
  • Air conditioning compressor
  • Radiator cooling fan
  • Water pump

Belts should be inspected carefully, not only for cracking, glazing, softening, peeling, but to test tension and alignment.

Warning: when belts break, the component it drives will stop working, like the air conditioning or power steering. More serious is when the serpentine belt breaks and the water pump stops working, the engine will overheat without coolant circulating (engine damage). Another critical belt is the timing belt in some vehicles which when it breaks, can cause significant engine valve and piston damage–with very expensive repairs.


Hoses are considered the car’s circulatory system and they should also be checked for damage such as leaks (caused when a hose cracks after hardening or softening). In addition, the various systems using the hoses should be pressure tested with special equipment to isolate leaks. Typical hoses include:

  • Fuel hose (sends gasoline from the gas tank to the engine)
  • Radiator hose (allows coolant to flow between the engine and radiator)
  • Power steering hose (connects power steering pump to steering equipment)
  • Heater hose (allows coolant to flow to and from heater core)
  • Air conditioning hoses


Warning: when hoses weaken and break, the fluid or gas it is transporting will leak out. These fluids are the lifeblood of your vehicle. If your radiator hose leaks coolant, this will eventually cause damage to the engine. If your brake hoses lose fluid, your ability to bake will be compromised. It is critical that your hoses are inspected frequently and replaced when they are worn.


Unfortunately, when a belt or hose is failing there are few noises or symptoms the driver will notice under normal circumstances that a replacement is required. Warnings signs that a belt or hose is about to fail are usually noticed right before the break-down occurs, preventing the driver from finding a repair facility nearby to have it inspected. This is why it is essential to have a qualified technician inspect them and recommend replacement to prevent leaving you and your vehicle on the side of the road.


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